Monday, 14 May 2018

Bruno Mars took fans to Mars and back at his KL concert

On May 9, 2018, it was not another day. It was a historic day for Malaysia, where many fans were part of Mars, performing at the concert after voting in its various constituencies, and proudly showing off their inked fingers as a badge of honor.

Still, the show must continue, and the Grammy-winning singer was sensational during his show on Wednesday night. The last time Mars was in Malaysia in 2011, he played for 2,800 fans at the Putra World Trade Center. This time, 12,000 fans of the Arena packed to Bukit Jalil Axiata to see it show their stuff as part of its 24K Magic World Tour.

Mars started the show at 20:40. with an emphatic "Let me hear you scream!" And the crowd responded correctly.

From the moment he threw the Finesse's funky beats, the crowd got up like one, and if there was anybody sitting on that point, it would have been when he arrived 24k magic.

There is just something really electrifying in the way Mars behaves, which makes it impossible to get out of your eyes. Maybe it's your relaxed casual mood or your contagious smile.

Or maybe they are their gently Michael Jackson style dance moves, or the charming and mischievous way he interacts with his admiring audience. One thing is certain, there was no doubt that Mars is a real superstar.

However, Mars was not the only one to see on stage. Wearing various sports jerseys, her entire group was a pleasure to see, synchronize their movements to reflect the playful atmosphere of Mars, and sometimes moving as an extension of the singer.

The 32-year-old also played with the crowd. When you call all my Lovelies, he improvises a phone conversation the song to say, "Hello baby, I'm in Kuala Lumpur when I call you to say" Aku rindumu, sayang.

Although he slowed things down sometimes with songs like When I Was Your Man and Versace on the floor, kept the party mood throughout the concert with hits like Chunky, Perm, that's what I want, and of course, Marry Me and Just The Way You are, and made the crowd as agitated as him. Even the slightest pause in the noise was noticed by Mars. "If you're going to be quiet tonight, we'll be so calm! He said in a moment.

At the end of the show with the sharp and catchy Uptown Funk's infectiously like his encore, Mars crowned a solid concert with a party atmosphere. But for the Malays, the party had just begun.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ Goes Viral Again In Epic 280 Movie Mash-Up

This is pretty impressive! People cannot get enough of Mark Ronson and 'hit song,' Bruno Mars Uptown Funk! 'This YouTuber decided to give the song the ultimate mash-up with 280 movies and the end result is amazing.

The popularity of "Uptown Funk" just keep living. The catchy song Mark Ronson, 39, and Bruno Mars, 29, is making the rounds on the Internet once again after this dedicated YouTube user decided to give it a mash-up with 280 epic movies! Do not believe us? Just look!

A popular song, 280 films, and three months later, YouTube user Don Draper Says What may have created the greatest musical / movie mash-up ever. Tropic Thunder the Sandlot to match the classic Disney Mulan, almost all popular movies out there was used to create this stunning musical cover. Although YouTube user uses the same scene for the lines, "I'm too hot, damn hot," she managed to use a whopping 280 film clips for the cover. It is safe to say that someone had plenty of time on their hands.

"Uptown Funk" has received a lot of mash-ups and floor coverings in the past. In early July, a user matches the song to a dance scene from the classic film, Newsies, and was basically perfect. Who knew the dance moves of "Seize the Day" could match well with the rhythms of "Uptown Funk?"

Just when you thought it could not be better - it did. "Uptown Funk" has brought to the Internet so many wonderful things, but the routine of this 60-year-old dance teacher to the song could very well win the best dance routine "Uptown Funk." Not only dance teacher Shirley Clements, 60, keep up with all your student dancers, she even did a headstand at the end of the routine! Madness.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bruno Mars Sells A $2.7M Honolulu Home

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars has sold his home in Honolulu, he bought three years ago.

Grammy winning artist closed the deal for Hawaii property for $ 2.7 million, $ 800,000 before their original price of $ 3.5 million early last year, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The singer, known as "The Lazy Song" and "Billionaire" accepted a lower offer that the singer paid for it in 2012, which apparently was set at $ 3.1 million.

The 4,124 square foot home built in 1991 closed display "columns recovered driftwood, stone and wood floors and dark ceiling molding treatments," said the site.

As for his previous quote Zillow, the buyer scored a major retirement home of singer. The 2014 list described it as a property with "extraordinary intimacy, luxury recognized coveted Port lock, Hawaii Kai." The property features an "easy access to the ocean for water and romantic sunset’s sports."

Architectural details include high ceilings, open floor plan and use of rare wood materials.

Port lock relaxing residence also based on about 0.36 acres Hawaii, which has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The new owners will also enjoy a formal dinner house concept better emphasized by the presence of modern cuisine a chef. The estate also has a bedroom, living room and large bedroom.

Outside, the new owners can take a swim in the spacious pool area with cabana, gas grill and Kegerator. Mature palms add to the tropical resort atmosphere of the ancient home of the 29-year-old Grammy-winning artist.

Citing multiple sale service records, the Times said the agent who handled the list was Sachi Braden Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties, while Dolores Bediones Locations LLC was the buyer's agent.

Mars has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Hawaii. His albums have become timeless favorites from around the world. More recently, Spotify named his track, "Marry You", one of the "Most Popular Wedding Songs" worldwide.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Bruno Mars Lights Up Las Vegas For Rock In Rio USA Festival Finale

Bruno Mars gave a brilliant set to close the 30th anniversary of the Rock in Rio US festival in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Headliners No Doubt, Metallica and Taylor Swift were impressive in their starring roles in the top of the bill, though Mars and his band, The Smeezingtons, shining brighter with an energetic set that lit up the sky and sent the festival Vegas home happy.

Mars emerged on stage at 11:36 pm with one battery wicked set the tone for the night. Dressed in his trademark hat with a half-buttoned shirt, black pants and accessories with gold chains, the 29-year-old looked like a diet version of Scarface Tony Montana as fans roared their approval. And tonight, the world was certainly his.

An enthusiastic performance of his 2012 single "Locked out Of Heaven" started two hours fixed as Los Hooligans joined him for a wonderful romp dance moves that have become customary in a show of Bruno Mars. Pyro fired from the stage as the 2014 Billboard Artist of the Year rolled in "Natalie" and kept looking like he was having more fun than seeing anyone.

After shouting some of the festival other artists, Mars attention turned to himself. "I have little motherf --- er that Bruno Mars right quick," the two-time Grammy Award winner boasted before continuing their explosive performance with his bag of hits including "Treasure", "Money make her smile" and " billionaire ".

Always the artist, Mars kept the crowd rocking with poignant portrayals of other R & B classics as "on" by R. Kelly and "Pony" from Ginuwine before slipping on a smooth nostalgic string of ballads that featured an acoustic performance of "Nothing On You "and dreamy version of" Just the way you are.”

It could have ended there as Mars and his band disappeared backstage. But the game would not end without making her single hit "Uptown Funk" and Mars returned to deliver the Mark Ronson produced jam, with brands Mars movement that helped push the video to more than 600 million views on YouTube in five months . Mars then put the exclamation mark as a whole in 1980 influenced arena rock Smash "gorilla" as another round of fireworks burst into the Vegas night and closed the show.

It was an impressive Saturday also featured stellar performances by Joss Stone, Big Sean, Empire of the Sun and John Legend. Stone was outstanding as the singer oozed soul that captivated a whole with vibrant interpretations of "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Love Me". As the only rapper in the festival, Big Sean made sure to have a lasting impact as he tore through a stream of entertaining his successes included "My Last" and break anthem "IDFWU." Empire of the Sun played a flamboyant glam rock exposure as Luke Steele and his band sizzled with a series of brilliant hits such as "Walking on a Dream" and "Tiger by My Side" Steele ended with nailing his guitar on the ground and breaking in pieces to the delight of the crowd.

Love John Legend injected through the 40 acres of land with a relaxing session of songs that had the lovebirds canoodling in the crowd. The legend, who made much of his set behind the microphone instead of sitting at the piano, slotted effortlessly through his bag early songs, including "Ordinary People" and a version of the brilliant acoustic guitar "Save Room "before crowning his set with" Gloria ", the winner of the Golden Globe for best original song, and the creation of the crowd to Bruno Mars to bowl a strike.

More than 172,000 attendees visited the Rock in Rio US sites Festival over two weekends. American debut was excellent party that delivered on all fronts. And to be the 30th anniversary of the festival which began in Rio de Janeiro with headliners Queen, AC / DC and George Benson, it was the right way to celebrate three decades of one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mark Ronson On Loving Steely Dan And Finding The Funk With Bruno Mars

Producer Funked-up in his new single and music of Amy Winehouse would be doing if he had lived

Mark Ronson says there is something "big spookily" on his collaborator "Uptown Funk" Bruno Mars.

Mark Ronson is, at its core, a DJ and producer for other artists - who considers his four solo albums parallel projects. But for his latest work, the high concept special uptown, he and Bruno Mars have a number one, "Uptown Funk" - a Morris Day and retreat in time and only refers to the diversity of the album, with guest Kevin Tame Mystikal Impala Parker to Stevie Wonder. Ronson, 39, is happy with the success of the song, but after months of agonizing duration genesis, is even happier just finished. "What I'm really proud," he says, "is that there were many times that I would leave the studio and be like, 'Damn, man, I guess it was not meant to be." But we were going to get back together and try to save her. "

There is an atmosphere of Steely Dan some of this album, especially in the novelist Michael Chabon wrote lyrics for you. How has the band in mind?

Always the gold standard that triggers because if you are trying to make letters on interesting characters and strange antiheroes. I feel like Steely Dan's presence has never been more sense in music is considered hip and vital - you have records of Daft Punk, and I hear things like Ariel Pink.

Did you have a second option for a famous writer? Like, do you think he would have killed Jonathan Franzen?

[Laughs] Michael was the only person he thought. In my mind, it was an experiment to see if it worked. With a Pulitzer Prize winning author, it's like, "When is it OK to ask if he's down to rewrite anything?" But it was definitely okay with that. I was thinking of albums like "Auto" for the Pointer Sisters, which is an album of pop-R & B that has letters in verse as: "All I can manage to push my lips is a stream of absurdities.” I wanted to inject some twists occasionally.

This is his third hit with Bruno Mars, after "Locked out of Heaven" and "gorilla". Obviously there is some magic there.
There is something just big spookily about Bruno. It draws on fucking thing everyone - no artists who have times when they are in the area, and his music touches everyone. The same way as Michael Jackson. How come towards the end of his career, screaming kids outside their hotel, which were not even born when his latest massive log out?

How autobiographical is "Leaving Los Feliz", a song about a type of aging feeling out of place in the clubs?
I go out to clubs in New York and see my friends little brother and sister, who are, like, 15 years younger than me, and I basically feel like Uncle Marcos. I'm like, "What the hell am I doing here?" But it's not like I'm going in there drunk fall off and trying to pick up girls 20 years of age. As a DJ, I like going to listen to whatever the new type is spinning. But the song is also about what can only be a giant disco.

"I Cannot Lose" evokes so specifically eighty Jam and Lewis. Were you drawing particular songs they produced?
No, but I really love the sound of the radio black '79 to '84. With "Uptown Funk," too, everyone's like, "What song were you referring?" Nothing! Is that when me and Jeff [Bhasker] start to play with Bruno on drums, will not play, like, Mahler.

What was think was the peak of record production?
For hip-hop, I think of The Chronic, Midnight Marauders and fear of a Black Planet - which are all stylistically different. For pure freshness of solid gold, it's between '74 and '79, when multitrack recording was in full swing and got expensive records: Off the Wall, Aja, and Songs in the Key of Life.

What about the sound of pop now?
In the past, people use technology to drive the music forward, as Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran play around with vocal sampling, or Bowie and Eno using the first harmonizer to create strange sounds. Now, people use technology to make faster and easier records to cover up actions of shit. I still things recorded on tape, and takes this long to get performances, because I think it makes a difference. There is something in the subconscious brain knows it's a living, breathing thing.

Did you ever think about what Amy Winehouse could be doing musically if he had lived?
He could have made a record country-blues, you might have come to make records of straight jazz. I really do not know. I mean, his heart was always in jazz and those chords. I'm sure that if it came to me to produce the record or any other person who would have ended up pushing someone to create something new.

On a very different note, did you know that the Internet is convinced that - as a little child - wrote the theme song of the ThunderCats cartoon?

I know, that's a strange thing! I think someone came and went with my Wikipedia page. I just read aloud and thought it was so funny. I was like, "I'll just leave."

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Move Over Bruno Mars, School Nails The Ultimate Uptown Funk Dance Video

Is this man the best teacher in the world, or what?

Panker Scot knows that teaches Theatre Arts at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas, USA...

Flash mobs are so yesterday, now it is choreographed dance hall parties, as demonstrated with dynamism Panker and some of his students.

No room monitor to the eye as color-coordinated crew showcase their talents at incredibly catchy chart-topper of Mark Ronson, Uptown Funk, with Bruno Mars.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bruno Mars On Twitter