Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mark Ronson On Loving Steely Dan And Finding The Funk With Bruno Mars

Producer Funked-up in his new single and music of Amy Winehouse would be doing if he had lived

Mark Ronson says there is something "big spookily" on his collaborator "Uptown Funk" Bruno Mars.

Mark Ronson is, at its core, a DJ and producer for other artists - who considers his four solo albums parallel projects. But for his latest work, the high concept special uptown, he and Bruno Mars have a number one, "Uptown Funk" - a Morris Day and retreat in time and only refers to the diversity of the album, with guest Kevin Tame Mystikal Impala Parker to Stevie Wonder. Ronson, 39, is happy with the success of the song, but after months of agonizing duration genesis, is even happier just finished. "What I'm really proud," he says, "is that there were many times that I would leave the studio and be like, 'Damn, man, I guess it was not meant to be." But we were going to get back together and try to save her. "

There is an atmosphere of Steely Dan some of this album, especially in the novelist Michael Chabon wrote lyrics for you. How has the band in mind?

Always the gold standard that triggers because if you are trying to make letters on interesting characters and strange antiheroes. I feel like Steely Dan's presence has never been more sense in music is considered hip and vital - you have records of Daft Punk, and I hear things like Ariel Pink.

Did you have a second option for a famous writer? Like, do you think he would have killed Jonathan Franzen?

[Laughs] Michael was the only person he thought. In my mind, it was an experiment to see if it worked. With a Pulitzer Prize winning author, it's like, "When is it OK to ask if he's down to rewrite anything?" But it was definitely okay with that. I was thinking of albums like "Auto" for the Pointer Sisters, which is an album of pop-R & B that has letters in verse as: "All I can manage to push my lips is a stream of absurdities.” I wanted to inject some twists occasionally.

This is his third hit with Bruno Mars, after "Locked out of Heaven" and "gorilla". Obviously there is some magic there.
There is something just big spookily about Bruno. It draws on fucking thing everyone - no artists who have times when they are in the area, and his music touches everyone. The same way as Michael Jackson. How come towards the end of his career, screaming kids outside their hotel, which were not even born when his latest massive log out?

How autobiographical is "Leaving Los Feliz", a song about a type of aging feeling out of place in the clubs?
I go out to clubs in New York and see my friends little brother and sister, who are, like, 15 years younger than me, and I basically feel like Uncle Marcos. I'm like, "What the hell am I doing here?" But it's not like I'm going in there drunk fall off and trying to pick up girls 20 years of age. As a DJ, I like going to listen to whatever the new type is spinning. But the song is also about what can only be a giant disco.

"I Cannot Lose" evokes so specifically eighty Jam and Lewis. Were you drawing particular songs they produced?
No, but I really love the sound of the radio black '79 to '84. With "Uptown Funk," too, everyone's like, "What song were you referring?" Nothing! Is that when me and Jeff [Bhasker] start to play with Bruno on drums, will not play, like, Mahler.

What was think was the peak of record production?
For hip-hop, I think of The Chronic, Midnight Marauders and fear of a Black Planet - which are all stylistically different. For pure freshness of solid gold, it's between '74 and '79, when multitrack recording was in full swing and got expensive records: Off the Wall, Aja, and Songs in the Key of Life.

What about the sound of pop now?
In the past, people use technology to drive the music forward, as Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran play around with vocal sampling, or Bowie and Eno using the first harmonizer to create strange sounds. Now, people use technology to make faster and easier records to cover up actions of shit. I still things recorded on tape, and takes this long to get performances, because I think it makes a difference. There is something in the subconscious brain knows it's a living, breathing thing.

Did you ever think about what Amy Winehouse could be doing musically if he had lived?
He could have made a record country-blues, you might have come to make records of straight jazz. I really do not know. I mean, his heart was always in jazz and those chords. I'm sure that if it came to me to produce the record or any other person who would have ended up pushing someone to create something new.

On a very different note, did you know that the Internet is convinced that - as a little child - wrote the theme song of the ThunderCats cartoon?

I know, that's a strange thing! I think someone came and went with my Wikipedia page. I just read aloud and thought it was so funny. I was like, "I'll just leave."

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Move Over Bruno Mars, School Nails The Ultimate Uptown Funk Dance Video

Is this man the best teacher in the world, or what?

Panker Scot knows that teaches Theatre Arts at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas, USA...

Flash mobs are so yesterday, now it is choreographed dance hall parties, as demonstrated with dynamism Panker and some of his students.

No room monitor to the eye as color-coordinated crew showcase their talents at incredibly catchy chart-topper of Mark Ronson, Uptown Funk, with Bruno Mars.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bruno Mars On Twitter

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

See Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars Honor Sting At Kennedy Center

Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Mavis Staples and paid tribute to Al Green at the event

Sting waved his fist triumphantly in the air and grinned from ear to ear when Bruce Springsteen took the stage to pay tribute to former police this year's Kennedy Center Honors, issued Tuesday night. The other honorees of the evening were Al Green, Tom Hanks, Lily Tomlin and dancer Patricia McBride. Springsteen took a gritty turn in "I Hung My Head", Sting's tale of murder and guilt that first appeared on his 1996 album Mercury Falling and was later covered by Johnny Cash. When the leader of the E Street Band played one quick shot right before a gospel choir came out to sing, Sting just closed his eyes.

Lady Gaga and Sting toasting, singing and playing the piano during a performance of "If I ever lose my faith in you" off the honoree 1993 album Ten Summoner Tales. The singer gave platinum wig middle section of the song a few extra bluesy growl, after Sting had a blank expression that looked neither happy nor unhappy, as if holding back his emotions. But when she announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, Sting!" towards the end of his performance, he could not help laughing.

Another singer who managed to break their British identity Sting railway was Bruno Mars, who performed two songs police -. "Message in a Bottle" "So Lonely" and the singer gave to the previous song in a respectful action that does not deviate much from rocky skank of the original. In the latter case, Mars left the guitar for some passionate "Oh Yeahs" and welcomed a team of singers, the cast of Broadway musical Sting of the last boat, which led Sting to tears. At that time, even Steven Spielberg and President Obama were singing along. Gaga, Herbie Hancock and Esperanza Spalding (the latter two of which played "Fragile" by Sting before) came and joined Mars on stage, and Meryl Streep and Springsteen came out and joined them for last.

Elsewhere in the issue, Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to Green with a stirring rendition of "Simply Beautiful", which drew a smile from the singer. Mavis Staples and Sam Moore sang "Take Me to the River" to each other, while Usher broke his way through enduring success of Green, "We'll be together." This last performance took the audience and dance, including Obama and night other honorees.

"The Kennedy Center celebrates five extraordinary individuals who have spent their lives raising the cultural vitality of our nation and the world," said Kennedy Center Chairman David M. Rubenstein said in a statement before the event. Of the two musical honorees, said, "the iconic voice of Al Green awakens our souls in a style that is all your own; The only voice of Sting and composition of memorable songs have entertained audiences for decades"

Springsteen Sting previously performed "The Rising" at the event in 2009, when the leader of the E Street Band was honored. Musical Kennedy Center Honors recipients last year included Hancock, Billy Joel and Carlos Santana.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars Strut Through Retro 'Uptown Funk'

Earlier this month, the Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson released "Uptown Funk," a cheerful one, in collaboration with Bruno Mars. Now the duo has paired wiry slap bass on that track and galactic synths with an equally retro music video, which finds the two musicians decked out in the late seventies attire as they dance along the streets of the city.

Ronson remains mostly in the background, with Mars taking the spotlight as he straps feel good lyrics for the track. Along the (co-directed by Mars and Cameron Duddy) clip, the couple and their enthusiastic crew enjoy a shoeshine, get their hair permed and jive with confidence with a limousine. Highlights: As Mars sings the line, "Fill my cup, put some liquor in it," one of his friends forces.

"Uptown Funk" is the first single from the upcoming fourth album Ronson, Special Uptown, which drops January 27 on RCA Records. He and Mars, along with a "special guest", the track held Nov. 22 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Most of the Special Residential zone was co-written and produced by Jeff Bhasker Ronson and more than 18 months in studies covering London, Memphis, Los Angeles and New York. The LP also features a number of lyrics by American novelist Michael Chabon, along with significant vocal and instrumental contributions from Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker. Other musical collaborators include Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, producer Emile Haynie, Simian Mobile Disco James Ford, Hudson Mohawke TNGHT and DJ Zinc.

Ronson previously partnered with Bhasker and Smeezingtons production team for three songs - "Moonshine", "gorilla" and the chart-topping "Locked out of Heaven" - Mars' 2012 LP, Unorthodox Jukebox.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

‘When I Was Your Man’ Hit Maker Bruno Mars Announces Third Album Following World Tour With Pharrell Williams

Pop star Bruno Mars has announced it is working on her third album after his NFL Superbowl performance and visits with Pharrell Williams.

On Monday, September 8 Mars took to Facebook to announce the next step that he and his band The Hooligans are about to take.

"Now is the time to start writing soon see Chapter 3 hooligans. Brunz," Mars wrote on the social networking site. At time of writing, the post has received nearly 94,000 likes and 1,200 shares.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter is about to complete its 155-date "Moonshine Jungle World Tour," according to Popdust.

Mars was with Williams for most of the dates on the world tour until the last act left for the tour without explanation, according to The Inquisitr.

On October 17 and 18, Mars and The Hooligans continue their longstanding engagement in the new performance space at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas called The Chelsea.

His residence was sold two nights reported Singers room.

The Mars will be taking creative direction for their third album and that he is working with are yet to be announced.

Born Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mars has sold over 12 million albums worldwide since the start of possibly making the top male pop star alive.

In 2010, Mars released his debut album "Doo-Wops and Hooligans" which included three international number one hit "Just The Way You Are", "Grenade" and "The Lazy Song".

Their debut album won seven Grammy Awards and won for Best Pop Vocal Performance for "Just The Way You Are".

In 2012, Mars released his second album "Unorthodox Jukebox," which won Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards and number one not only in America but also in other countries.

Among the great successes of their second album are "When I Was Your Man", "shut the door of heaven" and "Treasury".

Both "Doo-Wops and Hooligans" and "Unorthodox Jukebox" went double platinum in the United States and five to six times platinum in other countries.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bruno Mars Charms The Shit Out Of Everyone On Day 1 Of The Squamish Valley Music Festival

At this point in the summer, how is anyone who attends music festivals not ruin or hospital? Surely not at the festival in our province have $ 300 left in his bank accounts for inputs-and left enough serotonin in their brains to achieve other-weekend party.


Legions of people who seem to have endless supplies of money, wreaths insatiable appetites, and Andre the Giant-esque tolerance for drugs and alcohol swarmed the opening day of the Music Festival Squamish Valley. (Notably absent were about 80 lightweights Boonstock Festival last weekend in Penticton music.)
But how long would it last? Walking down a serene, winding path to the entrance of the festival, a fellow shirtless annihilated in a clown mask, too drunk to walk at 2 pm If this was how the day was going, hopefully the medical staff had numerous pumps stomach and enough to power a locomotive activated carbon site.

This year, the annual blowout has an expanded to accommodate more revelers and brands looking to "activate" through the power of marketing of events. To give you an idea of how big the new festival is, if you smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day (well, a complete package) and legs are still sore after playing soccer with a group of 12 years five days old, it takes about 20 minutes walk from the stage Stawamus on one side of the gardens of the main stage Tantalus, on the other. (Or 15 minutes if not stopped to smoke a cigarette.)

This means you have to make some tough decisions because you cannot possibly see all the acts. Sorry Foster the People, it's not my fault you were far away and a whole overlap with the man who released one of the best rap albums of all time, the man who played halftime show of Super Bowl this year, and the DJ whose voluptuous, flowing mane has its own Twitter parody account (TommyTrashsHair).
"Are you ready to get wonderful? Can smell something in the air," asked Lykke Li, the first of the heavyweights of the festival to go on stage Stawamus before performing "Sadness is a blessing." Surprisingly, it turned out to be more vocal day weed defender. Little in his unique system called the effort with Swedish style, "Can someone pass that joint on stage, please?"

Someone handed him a forced and massive. He jerked away from him and placed it on a keyboard to save for later. Lykke Li Zachrisson Timotej Svensson! I'm not sure how things are going down at music festivals in Sweden, but here in Squamish, bogarting called a company and is not a fun thing to do.

Nas, who was playing right after our pot queen, received the second-most shout-outs to Li. He kept going on about how excited I was to see the half-man, half-amazing-MC and even devoted a whole to him before "Youth Knows No Pain". However, unless Elon Musk installed HYPERLOOP for talent to travel between stages, it is unlikely that she called legendary rapper.

"If you have heard of my first album, Illmatic, for 20 years, put his hands in the air," Nasty Nas early in his set. If not required, which was fine as it was about to make a whole. With upwards of 14 women sitting on the shoulders of men, Nas reached the third track of the album, the chorus of which is probably a motto for many a festivalgoer: "Life's a bitch and then you die / Es why we have high / 'Cuz you never know when you'll go. "

The 40-year-old rapper Illmatic burned through in 30 minutes,
ending with "It is difficult to say." Then he reached into his vast catalog, and after "If I Ruled the World (Imagine that)" sincerely told us. "You know I love you" Heck, we were a little unsure, Nas, so it was nice to hear that really says.

Sure, you could hang around and listen to another 20 minutes of classic rap, but there was a DJ with a fantastic hair playing on stage dance music. No one was there when it began, but Tommy Trash locks looked great. As it grew darker, however, the appeal drops low samples and Lil Jon shouting "down so that" it proved irresistible and people slowly fist-pumped into there, even though Bruno Mars was about to get on the main stage.

If any schlub read Bruno Mars lyrics from a sheet of paper, which came across as cornball lines collection. However, his undeniable charisma, talent and charm means every woman drops one of those lines would diminish her panties. Rocking a fedora and the best smile I've ever seen, he opened with "Moonshine", "Natalie", then "treasure." Fortunately, his exceptional band accompaniment, the Hooligans, abided by the old rule one fedora per crew.

During the making of "First Timers" Mars transitioned versions of "Pony" by Ginuwine and "on" remix by R. Kelly, and that proved to be the-grind-the-person-you-next time the festival. He followed with "Marry You", it was time lift-the-nearest-female-on-his-shoulders day. After an interlude of piano, global pop superstar returned with a new fedora to end "Grenade" and "Just the way you are", the all-women-in-Squamish-was-feeling-beautiful-while-singing -along time.

He was then apparently everything and slowly people began to file out of the festival. Rookie mistake! Mars had not played "Locked in Heaven" yet. And if you were not already sold on the talent that this guy is that he chose to play a long drum solo introduction to his most successful.

Viewing Mars sing, dance, and charm the hell out of everyone, it was not hard to see why people are proclaiming the next Michael Jackson. Fortunately, there was no king of pop (and Pepsi!) Comparisons to be made when he received a shower of sparks during the final issue of the series, "Gorilla" because her hair did not catch fire.

Fittingly, the best song of Mars ever appears on "Bubble Butt" of Major Lazer, played over the speakers as we booked the arena to catch Blueprint Boys Noize.

"Are you ready to get turnt up?" A brother shirtless near me asked his friend. Everyone was, and dance stage was now officially raging fucking type of game that does not always want their parents to know that you were on.

Headliner EDM festival, Boys Noize, was in its socket LED-stand and drop an aggressive set that included his song "Excuse Me", Danny Brown remix of "Smokin and Drinkin" and House of Pain "Jump Around" . I guess one of those songs that received the most ecstatic response from all muscular shirtless men?

At one point during their set a woman asked to borrow my lighter. I later she and a group of friends who all had joined arms and were doing a routine with his dancing Rockettes style kick saw. In the name of God they were smoking? Why not offer to share? Lykke Li, I blame you for this!

Walking back to his car along the winding path, you could hear the howling and screaming campers. It was 2 am, but the party will continue well into the morning. Sure, they were having fun now, but this was only day 1 we will see that it has an overdraft and still standing come Sunday night.