Monday, 16 June 2014

Bruno Mars Does It All And Wants To Rock

Bruno Mars performs during the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York.

RALEIGH - Several songs in his show Saturday night at a sold-out PNC Arena, Bruno Mars stopped playing long enough to give a little speech about what the crowd was waiting time. Mars and his band were there, told the audience, that all "Movin 'dancing, Shakin', sweating."

Mars grin and read rakish also allow the crowd in the fact that, like any good rock star, who also wanted to get witchou. But if there was a revelation for the show, is that Mars appears to be a rocker at heart.

As good of an R & B love man as Mars is, the highlights of his 100-minute set came when he tied a guitar and let lament, from a letter making perfect Fort "The Barrett classical money (which is what I want) "the way John Lennon used to. And just before the encore, Mars evoked some guitar flourishes at the end of "Granada", which suggested that fireworks Guitar Prince of "Let crazy."

It is clear and undeniable that Mars is derived. But he wears it with pride and he's just so danged good in anything and everything that comes with it. When Justin Timberlake often comes across as a serious contender clamoring for admission to the Pantheon, Mars just sort of slides into and convinces you that he belongs there.

His inauguration, Aloe Blacc, was not so convincing. Set an hour Blacc was a fun game of "Name That Tune" with the originals that sometimes seemed about to be transitioned over known songs that sounded like (including actual quotes from "God Bless the Child”, of the Jackson 5 "I Want Back" and Elton John's "Your Song"). But Blacc had a moment of genius to show his vocal Avicii Swedish deejay hit "Wake Me Up", a song that was made to go in large buildings full of people. He did.

As Mars, its set was a sensory overload early. The lights dimmed, drumline beats started and the curtain fell to reveal the fog, lasers, choreography and star giving himself an air of cold indifference. Rocking white felt hat, Mars seemed as if he wandered in the golf course to beat this crowd fit.

Despite his casual cool, Mars had a set supertight with his band showing the best transition game this side of the San Antonio Spurs. A medley paired a couple of songs from reggae to R & B love-man seduction "Our first time." That turned into a riff of Santo & Johnny 1959 dream guitar instrumental "Sleepwalk" which begat own shaken-up Mars "Marry You." Was the turn-on-a-dime, and almost as entertaining as musicology puts.

As a vocalist, Mars still throw money "When I was your man," a torch song melted as ever. (It will be interesting to see if he can still put across convincingly than a decade and several thousand interpretations on the line.) The encore proved that a) on top of everything else, Mars is also a pretty mean drummer can play a drum solo arena-rock very credible; b) a combination of lasers and confetti is fresh, even a seizure-inducing species form.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brad Pitt Rocks Out, Plays Tambourine Onstage With Bruno Mars In New Orleans

The star gave the audience a show they would never forget when surprised by joining the Grammy award winning artist on the stage of the Make It Right Foundation fundraising gala.

Brad Pitt (left) joined Bruno Mars on stage at the annual gala Make It Right in New Orleans.

Who knew Brad Pitt was a rock star?

The star of “World War Z" took the stage alongside Grammy award-winning artist Bruno Mars to perform " Sex Machine" in New Orleans on Saturday .


Videos of her performance of the classic James Brown emerged Wednesday and show the 50 -year- old actor in rare form.

Bruno Mars (center) and his band perform at the make it the annual gala of the Right Foundation in New Orleans on Sunday.

"I love New Orleans," Pitt, 50, allegedly told the audience burst into applause when Mars introduced him. "And I'm very proud of the Lower 9th Ward community.”

Pitt (second from right) joins Angelina Jolie (seated second from left) and Chris Rock (right).

The star of “12 Years a Slave “has been heavily involved with the reconstruction efforts of the city of Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina. The second annual gala marked the 100th home which has been rebuilt since Pitt started work there.

His girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, 38, which he shares with her six children, was also present to support it, as they have each other countless times.

“We have the story and we work hard to make it big," the star of “Maleficent," he told “Extra" in an earlier interview. “No kind of relax into it and taking each other for granted. Like everyone, we have our problems, but we are struggling to make it big. "

Monday, 19 May 2014

Tambourine Man Brad Pitt Jams With Bruno Mars At Make It Right Gala

Brad Pitt before her big night at the Make It Right Gala. Credit: Splash News
Brad Pitt can keep up!

The actor of "World War Z", 50 , hit the stage with Bruno Mars on Saturday at the Make It Right Foundation Gala in New Orleans and demonstrated that knows a thing or two about rhythm while playing the tambourine.

Pitt , wearing a black tuxedo and with his hair slicked back , right is mixed with 28 - Band -year-old singer as he put together during his performance .

We are confident invited to swanky event, selling tickets and tables for up to $ 25,000, had no idea they would get a special routine of the founder of the charity.

The guest list full of stars included Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Sofia Vergara. Chris Rock hosted the A- list evening with comedian Jim Gaffigan appearances, Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon. Guests enjoyed a dinner prepared by Susan Spicer, Donald Link, Chris Wilson and Rhonda Ruckman.

Pitt was the man of the hour at the gala , which benefits his foundation Make It Right and raises money for home construction work , buildings and communities for people in need . He founded the organization in 2007 after Hurricane Katrina and before his great musical performance, took the stage to address his guests and said, “I love New Orleans ... and I'm very proud of the community of Lower 9th ward.”

Pitt and Matthew McConaughey enjoy New Orleans. Credit: Splash News

His love for The Big Easy is not a secret, either. Before the gala, Oscar winner kicked back at home in the French Quarter and was seen throwing beer and balls back and forth between the balconies with fellow actor Matthew McConaughey, who was in town for an event charity.

Talk about a fun weekend in The Crescent City.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Jack Johnson One-Ups Bruno Mars In Race For Hometown Hero

Jack Johnson live, work and amazes children from local schools in Hawaii, but that is rarely done there, so it was a big problem when his first exhibition in hometown over two years was announced recently.

More remarkable? The fact that tickets for the first performance August 1 Hawaii residents will be offered only. Purchases made on Saturday, May 10 will have to have a Hawaii zip code billing; purchases made on Sunday, May 11 will have no geographical limitation.

While Johnson has been a proud and loyal guy Hawaii all his life, the movement is a clear response to the recent fiasco Bruno Mars tickets, which angered many locals and even inspired legislative action.

Mars Honolulu April shows sold out in two hours, according to OnlineTicketSpot , 42 percent of concert tickets were purchased by people out of state. Hawaii Residents then were desperate to tackle speculators who allegedly were selling return tickets to local Hawaii in a large profit margin.

Johnson, whose tour is to promote her sixth studio album, "From Here to Now to You" announced her North American dates in January, but just added the Hawaii this week shows. According to the promoter Matty Hazelgrove, "really wanted to support Hawaii and the Hawaii community and to give them a first chance to buy a ticket.”

Johnson may have gained some ground on Mars in the career of local boy done good, but they are both still behind the local hero, Barack Obama.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hawaii Announces Bruno Mars Day Again

Hawaii announced December 19 as a day Bruno Mars, and then, once again, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie said Monday, April 21, 2014, as Bruno Mars Day. Usually, when a State announces a holiday,

it's a one-time event. The new date coincides with the three-day concert that was sold in Honolulu. He is not the first singer to have a day dedicated to them; in 2008, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman said Day Don Ho.

According to the governor's spokesman, Justin Fujioka, daily forth are dedicated to certain days in certain years. In other words, this is a one-time event for this year alone.

Mars will be recognized not only for their current job, but also as one of the fastest rising stars of Hawaii. In an interview with Honolulu Pulse, said he left Hawaii for your last location in Oahu tour because I wanted to show how proud you are of where it comes from.

He began his career at the early age of four doing imitations of Elvis Presley. Mars real break was in 2010 with her hit song, just as you are. Announcing that Bruno Mars was getting a new day had to have been a great honor , especially how much he loves Hawaii.

Since the Super Bowl, his reputation has soared. When he was asked in an interview if there was somewhere I could go unrecognized, was a heavy pause no real answer. It really should not be surprising since it is considered a great hero today.

He has not done any interview from his appearance in the Super Bowl. Even his interview with Honolulu Pulse made by phone. It seems that the singer is doing her best to keep a low profile.

He said he did not want to cause a fuss and become the reason someone gets hurt. He had a five-day break before their performance in Hawaii, which gave him the opportunity to catch up with his family. It has probably kept busy, because Mars mentioned having at least 220 members of the family living in Hawaii. He also mentioned that the only thing I missed most Zippy is a fast food chain that has existed since the 1960s.

Even said it would instead go if you opened a Zippy in Los Angeles, California. The three-day concert that was scheduled in Honolulu sold out in less than two hours. They had to stop the concert on the last day as a bomb threat came in, but security swept the area and everything was clear.

Security also had to start the concert to 10 people fighting, but apparently this was not related to the bomb threat. Hawaiians have to remember not to add the second day of Bruno Mars to their calendars, because it is a one-time event. Race of Mars has been so successful in the last four years and is a true inspiration to other native Hawaiians.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

‘The Voice’: Top 12 Advance As Josh Kaufman’s Bruno Mars Cover Brings The House Down

On Tuesday night ( April 15) , the team of Usher was the only group allowed to compete in the playoffs voice (at least those in which Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine coaches were in charge of the vote ) . 

There were plenty of ambitious attempts of the contestants, and although not all were hits, Usher Team showed it to be a force this season!

TJ Wilkins , Melissa Jimenez, Stevie Jo , Bria Kelly and Josh Kaufman made by all the affection of URSH , leaving him with a difficult decision at the end of the night. Here's how they did it, and how voice Top 12 live rounds was made up.

TJ Wilkins
TJ Wilkins starts the night with Rufus & Chaka Khan’s "Tell Me Something Good” written by Stevie Wonder one success. It is the first of several orders height overnight, and TJ delivers the goods.

“The audience loved it," says Shakira. “I did too, because you are so touching and so committed.”

“You are a breath of fresh air, as I really want to entertain people," says Adam.

"That was solid," said Blake, adding that although once questioned the choice of Usher to advance on Biff TJ Gore, "I'm on board now, 100 percent.”

“You killed altogether," says Usher. "Unfortunately I have to choose two dropouts, and three who remain. This is going to be difficult."

Melissa Jimenez

Usher Melissa Jimenez is trying to make the transition to “MJ” but as the music box learned the hard way: though Carson Daly introduced him to the blind auditions, which is the name you're stuck with. Melissa / MJ does it reveal a new fun fact, though:

once she was pulled on stage to dance during the tour of Usher’s Truth! The whole situation is very reminiscent of Courteney Cox and "Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen time, which is never a bad thing.

Melissa sings a simplified version of Beyonce "Halo”, and unfortunately, viewers can feel every bump in the road.

"It was a very brave decision to take this down," says Shakira. “I think it was a great reward.”

"There is no way to really excel in this program unless you take risks," Adam says, but notes that he heard some problems. "I think there were times that were really beautiful, I think there were times when we had problems.”

"I thought it was solid,” Blake countered. "There was a time when you probably did not get a big enough breath to reach that note," he adds.

“You understand that this was a live or die moment," says Usher. "It's the effort you put into it you got here.” Then goes on to tell you to love music but this nets, which is a good track to begin preparations for the trip home.

Stevie Jo
Soul singer with the heavy metal lineage, Stevie Jo, is still around, despite only winning a seat back in the blind auditions. He makes a risky choice with blues classic "The Thrill is Gone " by BB King, and does it well. The performance has some shaky notes, although his falsetto is the point.

“I like to see Stevie Jo perform, because it's like you're sneaking up on a rabbit," says Blake, who is the most accomplished Oklahoman ever done. “I know you're the real deal.”

"When you're singing the blues, to me, all technical analysis goes out the window.’s about how to emote," says Adam.

"I enjoyed many things about his performance," says Shakira. "I enjoyed his falsetto and his husky voice.”

"I 'm a fan of how brave you are as a singer," says Usher. "I think what made the great record justice.”

Bria Kelly
Raspy singer Bria Kelly Blue takes on classic Rolling Stones. The four- seat Turner sings "Wild Horses" and, aside from using his guitar only to accessorize your outfit (girl, at least leave the hands near the ropes if you want to be convincing!), was his best performance to date.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

South Korea Online Buzz: Baseball Brawl And Bruno Mars

U.S. Singer Bruno Mars performs during the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA February 2, 2014.

    European Pressphoto Agency

The South Koreans are known for their active online social life. Korea Real Time has covered in what is trending this morning.

On Naver , the most popular search engine in South Korea , some of the most searched topics are:

Nexen vs Kia : professional baseball game Tuesday between the Nexen Heroes and Kia Tigers saw a brief brawl seats in the ninth, after Kia Kim Joo -chan batter hit by pitch. Pitcher, Son Seung- Lak , said it was not intentional.

Nana: The member of the girl group Orange Caramel was asked in a television interview Tuesday about the rumor that she is dating A-list movie star Kim Soo- hyun . She replied, “Sometimes there may be no smoke without fire”, but added that Mr. Kim was his ideal type.

Mr. Kim stardom reached new heights after the telenovela “My Star Love " became a big hit in China and several Southeast Asian countries. The video for latest single “Catallena “Orange Caramel has raised some eyebrows to portray members as pieces of sushi.

The 30- player battery charger: StoreDot Ltd., a start -up based in Tel- Aviv, on Monday unveiled a prototype charger that can charge a smartphone battery from zero to full in about 30 seconds. Digits blog of The Wall Street Journal has more.

On Twitter, the selected main topics are trending:

Bruno Mars: The American R & B singer made the stop in Seoul on Tuesday as part of their Moonshine Jungle Tour. Some Twitter users in the concert seem so excited about many local celebrities who showed up to see the crooner. Mr. Mars will move to Osaka and Tokyo this week.

# BravoYourLifeKwon : boy band K -pop block B Yukwon turns 22 on Wednesday , leading their fans to congratulate him on Twitter. The group is scheduled to release his new single “Jackpot ", probably by chance the same name as the reunification plans President Park Geun- hye .

# Your_Ideal_Place_to_Live: Twitter users are sharing where they like to live. @ Yurii_ing response, identified as a 17 -year-old shows pressure infamous school in South Korea”. (I like to live in) one of the bedrooms of the top 10 universities in Seoul " A recent survey showed that the pressure of school and future uncertainty were the main concerns of Korean adolescents.